Why Your Child Needs A Teacherpreneur

Why Your Child Needs A Teacherpreneur

In order to give our children the education and the life experience they will need to  succeed in a 21st century global economy we need to re-imagine and reinvent what is happening inside the classroom. And to do this, we need a new kind of teacher, a teacherpreneur, to help us get there.

What is a teacherpreneur? According to , a teacherpreneur is defined by the following:

Teacherpreneurs incubate and execute bold ideas while still teaching students. They spread their expertise to teaching colleagues so that more students benefit from quality practices and policies. Being a teacherpreneur is about rewarding a new culture of schooling, marked by highly personalized 21st-century learning for students, as well as growing opportunities for collaboration among teachers.

Teacherpreneurs have the best qualities of teachers and entrepreneurs. They have the passion, vision, and communication skills to lead lessons in the classroom and the community. They are focused not on the textbook lesson plan, but in creating a world where their students will take risks, push boundaries, and develop skills they will need to succeed in the 21st century. Teacherpreneurs are resourceful. They are their own start- up. They are not limited by lack of funding but instead use their creativity to determine what they need to learn, build, and share in order to create this whole new world of learning for their students. Teacherpreneurs are first and foremost highly skilled teachers who also happen to have the leadership and communications tools necessary to establish relationships in the community that will contribute to the greater good of their classroom.

For example, one of Acera’s lower elementary school teachers, Katie Semine, developed a learning plan this year for her students  that involved diving into the world of physics for her group of six and seven-year olds. Up until this year, Katie did not have a strong background in science. But the passion of her students for new and more complex subject matter was undeniable. Instead of spending one day on learning the basics of atomic matter, Katie’s students were so excited they started a taking the learning to a whole new level: nano particles. Katie had not planned on diving as deep into the lesson as nano particles and quantum physics, but rather than throw in the towel due to lack of experience with the subject matter, Katie got resourceful and creative and reached out to MIT scientist and award-winning professor Angela Belcher.


Together, Angela and Katie created a week— long lesson plan of fun experiments teaching six and seven-year olds how to separate nano particles! As a result of her collaboration with Angela, Katie spent the summer in a special program at MIT,  learning new and exciting ways to bring science into her classroom. Katie is a teacherpreneur: She is passionate about teaching and she never stops thinking of new ways to connect the world to her students using every resource at her disposal. Acting as a teacherpreneur—Katie reached out, established a new relationship with a leader—Angela—who could direct Katie to the knowledge she needed to create a custom learning plan for her students, and used the knowledge to go above and beyond what is expected in the classroom.

Acera is built on a community of teacherpreneurs. Being a teacherpreneur is not insular. It’s a paradigm shift whereby teaching is viewed as creating, connecting, and building something inside our schools and outside in the community. Our teachers are focused on creating lessons driven by their students’ curiosity, and connecting to the community in order to gain access to the resources necessary to make it happen. Teacherpreneurs never give up until they can create a limit free learning experience for their students.

What if every school ran on the power of teacherpreneurs?

Another teacherpreneur in action!