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  • Can’t Stop The Feelin’!

    Can’t Stop The Feelin’!

    Sometimes, all it takes is one student, one idea, and a little tenacity, and you get a whole community to come together and discover each other in new and wonderful ways. When Jackson Gamache (Ms. Nic’s class) first proposed his idea for an All School Dance, he mostly thought about one thing: dancing with friends […]
  • Lessons in Design Thinking

    Lessons in Design Thinking

    It is Tuesday afternoon, right after recess – project time in Miss Christine’s MS1 class. Huddled around tables in different corners of the room, students work in groups as small as two and as big as five children. Computers are open, some groups are discussing, others are plugging away on their keyboards quietly. What is […]
  • Hub Week 2015

    Hub Week 2015

    Acera School was at HUBweek Pop-up Makerspace hosted by Harvard Ed Portal where we led the Marshmallow Challenge activity: with 20 sticks of spaghetti, 1 yd of string, 2 ft of tape and a marshmallow, the goal was to build the tallest tower possible with the marshmallow on top. As you can see from the pictures, no two […]
  • Acera Snapshots: December 2014

    Acera Snapshots: December 2014

    Today there was incredible art being made in the Innovation Lab and fantastic, engaging cooking smells wafting in from the Commons! Here are some observations from a brief walk-through each classroom during one December afternoon: In Eva’s lower elementary class, students are working at different stations. Some students are configuring a “mountain” for their ongoing […]
  • Acera Snapshot: October 2014

    Acera Snapshot: October 2014

    Acera is two months into the 2014-2015 school year, and our 100 students are thriving! Our new families and teachers now feel like they have been part of the school all along. Our community is filled with laughter and exploration every day! Here are some observations from a brief walk-through each classroom during one October […]
  • Why Your Child Needs A Teacherpreneur

    Why Your Child Needs A Teacherpreneur

    In order to give our children the education and the life experience they will need to  succeed in a 21st century global economy we need to re-imagine and reinvent what is happening inside the classroom. And to do this, we need a new kind of teacher, a teacherpreneur, to help us get there. What is a teacherpreneur? According […]
  • Creating Innovators Starts Early

    In this new global economy, that runs and survives on the rapid transfer of information, we have never faced a more pressing need to create innovators with the 21st century skills they need to thrive in a fast changing environment. According to the report, Are They Ready to Work, sponsored by The Conference Board, Corporate Voices for Working […]
  • Saving Mathematical Minds

    Most schools teach math according to grade level and age. But studies how that US schools still lag behind foreign counterparts especially in math. A lot of proposed education reform involves additional time and expensive resources that our already stressed school systems cannot afford. What are our other options?  Introduce Ability Based-Math Block Something that all schools […]
  • Freeing the Minds of Future Innovators

    We need Innovators. Where are they? What do they need from us? Raising the next generation of innovators is going to require a shift in the way we view our schooling system. We have to free our young minds. Our schools are filled with curious, voracious students yet our schooling system norms for conformity and standards […]