Core Capacities

Core Capacities

Core Capacities We Foster at Acera

Within all of our school programs, our most important emphasis is for student development in core capacities.  We believe that these capacities will define them as adults and as contributors to society.

Systems Thinking

See the whole perspective and the parts across social, cultural, societal, scientific, and historic perspectives. Understand the interconnectedness of forces and actions.

Perspective Taking

Awareness that the place and experience of the viewer fundamentally affects what they see / how they see.  Develop capacity to see through the eyes of others.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Inquire deeply, analyze and relate different aspects to each other, break things down and recombine them together to assess a situation and address a need.


Work with others to create something and to achieve a result that supersedes the contributions of any one individual.


Free thought and inquiry resulting in original work or novel approaches to express an idea.  We not only embrace but moreover encourage being a divergent thinker and solution creator.

 Emotional Intelligence

Self awareness to know your gifts and challenges, self regulation to control impulses and focus your potential, awareness of the impact of self on others, and capacity to read the group and take the role which is needed.

Ethical Decision Making

Make decisions and choices based upon values and a sense of morality about what is right.


Empower to see needs and step forward to make a difference.  Rally others in relevant ways with original ideas (and/or against real world needs).  Have a vision for change and bring that vision into reality, combining contributions of many to bring it to life.