Applying to Acera

We are excited that you are considering applying to the Acera School! Please look below to find out important information regarding the application timeline, required assessments, and supporting documents to go along with your application. When you are ready, click Apply Now to get started!

Key Dates

Applications for the 2017-2018 school year should be submitted by Friday, January 20, 2017 for priority consideration. (We continue to accept applications and inquiries throughout the year, and will admit students on a space-available basis.)

  • Accepted students will be notified by March 10, 2017
  • New student enrollment commitments due by March 31, 2017 
Formal Assessments

A WISC-IV or WISC-V assessment is a required part of the application to Acera. For some children a full neuropsychological evaluation, which includes a WISC-IV/V, may be needed. Assessments are helpful to determine if there is a fit between prospective students and Acera, as well as to inform individual learning plans for each child. While evaluations can be time consuming, they offer valuable data for the purposes of educational advocacy. The following are Boston area evaluators Acera parents have used in the past.

Assessment Approaches: Achievement and / or Ability



SCAT “School and College Ability Test” is offered through Johns Hopkins / Center for Talented Youth. It costs about $70 for completion. This test assesses achievement relative to age-matched peers.


Neuro-psychological Tests (e.g. WISC-IV, etc.)

A full or partial battery of assessments (or even a single ability test) can be selected to fit the needs of your child. Choose a practitioner who readily builds rapport with your child. If you have concerns for your child about anxiety, behavioral issues, impulse control, distractibility, rigidity, transition challenges, reactivity, or fears about dyslexia or any other special learning need, it is recommended that you get a full neuro-psychological evaluation. This typically takes two full mornings. This usually ranges in price from $2500 – $4000 and typically includes an intake parent meeting, the assessment, a full written report (often 15 pages or more) which includes concrete recommendations for educational accommodation, and a follow up parent meeting. If you do not have fears about any special issues, but rather simply a belief that your high ability child might qualify for a gifted and talented educational program or school, you can reach out to any neuro-psychological professional to administer a WISC – IV or other IQ evaluation. This usually ranges in price from around $500 – $750.


This is a compiled list of neuro-psychological evaluators. These names are not specifically recommended by Acera; they are practitioners have been recommended by parents who have used their services. Most evaluators do not take insurance and it is up to you to get a referral and seek out reimbursement on your own.

What you can tell your child about assessment:

Many children enjoy the testing session and find it very interesting. Your child will be playing games, solving puzzles and answering questions. If your child is a perfectionist and highly intelligent, he or she is used to knowing answers to almost everything, so it can be stressful to suddenly “not know” the answer. The evaluator also won’t give an indicator if the child is “right” which can be tough if your child tends to seek out validation from authority. So setting this expectation with the child can often be a good idea to help keep his or her anxiety at bay.

Other Tests

There are other state and national tests that show achievement levels of students compared to others at their age level. We will accept any standardized state or national test as a part of the application for admission, for example: MCAS, MAP, ERB, Woodcock Johnson, SCAT Portfolio of Work – examples are: art, music, creative writing, video.

Supporting Documents

Additional Materials to Provide after Completing Application Form

Required Assessment: WISC-IV. See Assessment tab above.

Progress Reports

Please include two consecutive years of report cards, the most recent one being from the current school year.

Samples of student work

We would like to see a small sample of relevant work examples. Examples:

  • A photocopy of an essay, piece of creative writing, or artwork (please no original artwork)
  • Math / science exam work (e.g. from current school, on line educational e.g. CTY / EPGY)
  • Other copies of works that show an area of unique talent or skill

Two Adult Recommendation(s)

Using the recommendation form, please include a written recommendation from at least one current teacher, as well as one other adult involved in the child’s life. The second adult recommendation can come from a coach, music teacher, tutor, or another adult who has had significant interaction in an educational setting, that is not an immediate family member. Download the Acera Teacher Recommendation Form (pdf)..
Please note that both recommendations must be sent to us directly from the author. Recommendations written by third parties but sent through the parents will not be valid.

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