How much does it cost to go to Acera?
Our tuition for the 2017-18 academic year is $20,900 for elementary school and $21,800 for middle school; 2018-19 tuition will be posted in November.

Does Acera have financial aid?
We are now offering a limited number of financial aid stipends that cap tuition at approximately $16,000–$17,000 per year.  Each year, families must follow the financial aid process and re-apply for the stipend. Currently, the one-time building fee of $3000 for newly enrolling students is not covered by the Financial Aid Stipend.  

How many children are in a class?
Our lower elementary classroom has 14 children per class with one full-time core teacher; all other elementary classrooms have 14-16 children per class with one full-time core teacher. Most of the time there is a second teacher who is also present in each classroom. Our middle school program has 50 students with three full-time core teachers. Our average math class size is 8 students with one teacher.  

I’m not sure if I want to apply. Can I set up an interview or school tour to help me decide?
Unfortunately, we are not able to offer private tours or interviews prior to receiving an application. If you are considering applying but aren’t sure, we invite you to attend an Information Session, as well as our Open House. Information Sessions are scheduled monthly (alternating mornings and evenings), and are for adults parents only. This includes a school tour. We also hold several Open Houses each year, and we invite parents, children, and friends to attend. Interactive activities are held in each classroom, and staff are on hand to chat and answer questions. Information Sessions are required for consideration of admission; Open Houses are optional. View dates.

Why do you require attendance at an information session before putting in an application?
We believe the best way to find out about Acera is to attend one of our monthly information sessions.  During the session Courtney Dickinson, Acera’s Founder and Director, gives a broad overview of our curriculum, philosophy, and community of learners. It is an opportunity for parents to ask questions, and we find most families feel it is a very valuable part of the admissions process.