Afternoon Science Lab Programs

2016-02-12 09.55.34Early and consistently hands-on, inquiry-driven science learning is something we care deeply about at Acera. Which is why we are excited to open up our professionally equipped science lab to the community on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, 3:30 to 5:30 p.m.

On Tuesdays, middle school age children (11-15) can immerse themselves in our biotechnology program, exploring concepts and techniques such as restriction enzymes, electrophoresis, bacterial transformations and cell culture, immunoassays, and PCR.

On Wednesdays, we invite the youngest learners to try out what it is like to do science, not read about it. Children age 7-9 will enter the worlds of biology (fall trimester), chemistry (winter) and biochemistry (spring). Next to bacteria, they will explore acid-based chemistry, electro-chemistry, and try some cool experiments involving chemical reactions and their classifications.

On Thursdays, children age 9-13 will also immerse themselves in biology, chemistry and biochemistry, running their own experiments and learning at a level appropriate for middle school age children.

Classes are taught by Michael Hirsch, a former pharmaceutical scientist with a B.S. in molecular biology and a Masters of the Arts in Teaching for biology, and the winner of the GlaxoSmithKlein Exceptional Science Award. Michael has taught High School biology and chemistry, including AP classes, and currently works as the Laboratory Science Manager at Acera School.

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