Acera School Science Lab


Intensive After School Lab Science Courses

Acera: The Massachusetts School for Science, Creativity, and Leadership is now offering three intensive after-school, hands-on laboratory courses in biology, chemistry, and biochemistry!  Each course will meet once weekly from 3:30 – 5:30 pm. Open to students ages 11-15, these courses will be conducted in our Innovation Laboratory under the supervision and guidance of our Laboratory Science Manager, Michael Hirsch. After School Science Lab Flyer






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Why Enroll in the Acera School After School Lab?

The increasing importance of standardized testing in schools often pushes in-school science laboratory time aside. The Science Lab Enrichment Program aims to return that crucial, hands-on learning element to your child’s education. These survey courses are aligned to state standards and designed to supplement school instruction and foster creativity and ingenuity.


About the Teacher

Michael is a former pharmaceutical scientist with a B.S. in molecular biology and a Masters of the Arts in Teaching for biology, and is the winner of the GlaxoSmithKlein Exceptional Science Award. In the past, Michael has taught highschool biology and chemistry, including AP classes, and currently works as the Laboratory Science Manager at Acera School.

Course Format

Each week, we will investigate a different scientific concept in a way that stresses open inquiry, experimental design, and data gathering. Topics will include molecular genetics and DNA biotechnology, chemical reactions that shape our world, and enzymes and metabolic disease, among others. Sessions will be capped at 6 students, ensuring that each and every student will receive individualized attention. There will be minimal lecturing, note taking, or homework.

Who Should Apply?

This program  is open to students from public, private, or home-based schools. Minimal scientific knowledge is needed—just bring a sense of curiosity and a desire to explore scientific phenomena!

How Do I Apply?

Read our Enrollment Information and email Don’t miss the chance for your child to be a part of this unique and exciting program!