Innovator Symposium

Innovator Symposium

More than 300 people joined us for our Fall 2016 Innovator Symposium.

Our celebration of ingenuity included everything from architectural sculptures to artificial intelligence, to brain robotics, cell staining, climate change, codeable cookies and tattoos, diplomacy slamming, epidemiology, microbiome mapping, mobile health, mRNA therapeutics, neanderthal poop, research of the probable and improbable kind, robots (telepresence, practical and hands on), and social development experiments on fairness.
You can see pictures of the event by visiting our Facebook album.
Thank you to all of our wonderful presenters!

Groundbreaking Science for all ages. Open to all.


Acera’s Innovator Symposiuma free community event open to all, is part of our efforts to break down the walls between science and the general public.

Since 2015, the symposium has brought together science-curious people of all ages. We’ve connected MIT Microbiome researchers with curious Kindergarteners; experienced engineers with avid Lego builders, and MediaLab experts with aspiring toy hackers. In this event, everybody can explore cutting-edge science, and be inspired by innovators and researchers in many different fields.

Now in its second year, Acera’s Innovator Symposium has seen a steady stream of renowned presenters and science-curious participants. More than 600 children and adults of diverse backgrounds and all walks of life have gathered to build community around science and innovation.

View photos of our Spring 2016 Innovator Symposium and read about our 2015 Fall Innovator Symposium.

Past Presenters

  • Mark Fishman, MD, President Emeritus, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research
  • Rad Duintjer Tebbens, PhD, Kids Risk
  • Angela Belcher, PhD, MIT Department of Biological Engineering
  • Kimberly Homan, PhD, The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University
  • Meredith Thompson, MEd, MIT Education Arcade
  • James Fox, CEO, OBZ Design
  • Honey Bajaj, MIT Media Lab
  • Marc Abrahams, The Annals of Improbable Research / Ig Nobel Prizes
  • Eric Alm, PhD, MIT Center for Microbiome Informatics and Therapeutics
  • Derek Blair, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
  • Jim Shaw, MBA, MS, FastWay Engineering
  • Anthony Chhoy, cofounder and CFO, Makers Empire
  • James Cleary, MD, PhD Dana Farber Cancer Institute
  • Liz Dawes Duraisingh, PhD, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Alisha Panjwani, MS, Acera SEEDS StudioLab, MIT Media Lab
  • David Grayzel, MD, Atlas Ventures
  • Martha Fishman, MD, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Rebecca Kleinberger, MIT Media Lab, Opera of the Future
  • Marcio Macedo, Director of Product Development, iRobot
  • Shirley O’ Neil, CEO, Sonzia
  • Marshall Wentworth, MIT’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Team