Student Work

Empowered children can do the most remarkable things. Check out some of these recent student projects!

Student Art Exhibit in Winchester Center
What’s better for an emerging artist than seeing your work exhibited for the first time? Acera students celebrated their first public art opening in April at the Fuller Cup in Winchester.

How to Make A Prosthetic Leg
Students in Ms. Kim’s Upper Elementary class have been working on an engineering design challenge this spring related to their theme for the year, “What Makes us Human?” In teams, they designed prosthetic legs. See their creations, and reflections on the process.

Museum Walk
There is something pretty unique built into Acera’s structure, and it’s called Creativity Morning: Every Wednesday from 9 am to noon, students from all classes come together in small groups at different stations throughout the school, based on their interests, not age. Every December and June, students proudly display their journeys of growth and creativity at Museum Walk. Enjoy these images from our December 2016 Museum Walk!