Acera: Learning Without Limits

Acera enables high-ability students to learn based upon ability and motivation in a supportive, energetic environment, to help them become the best version of themselves. Located north of Boston, Massachusetts, Acera serves students in grades K-8.

The Acera Approach:

  • Focus on inquiry, creativity, and complex thinking
  • Emphasize STEM learning areas, developing native capacity
  • Safeguard the spirit and innate curiosity of each child
  • Enable students to pursue their passions and talents
  • Provide a runway for learning so that students can fulfill their potential
  • Create educational partnerships with Universities and Academic Institutes to foster inspiration, novel curricula, and rapid educational evolution in emerging fields
  • Develop the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, creative thinkers, and leaders

Conducting an Experiment


A Writer At Work


Heading into School


Painting an Undersea Scene