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    Acera enables high-ability students to learn based upon ability and motivation in a supportive, energetic environment, to help them become the best version of themselves. Located north of Boston, Massachusetts, Acera serves students in grades K-8.

    The Acera Approach:

    * Focus on inquiry, creativity, and complex thinking
    * Emphasize STEM learning areas, developing native capacity
    * Safeguard the spirit and innate curiosity of each child
    * Enable students to pursue their passions and talents
    * Provide a runway for learning so that students can fulfill their potential
    * Create educational partnerships with Universities and Academic Institutes to foster inspiration, novel curricula, and rapid educational evolution in emerging fields
    * Develop the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, creative thinkers, and leaders
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    We believe scientific awareness and knowledge are a core part of being literate in the 21st-century world. Major curriculum-wide blocks are built around scientific themes and ideas. Acera students discover and create, and topics are applied to a broader world context.

    Math Block: Without a Ceiling

    Students are assessed on the first day of school and placed in ability-based math groups. We use a mix of curricula as a jumping off point, emphasizing application, engagement, and the creative beauty in mathematics.

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    We embrace compelling questions and relish unique perspectives. We believe that giving runway for creative imagination and innovative ideas will be a key difference in our ability to develop the next generation of leaders, innovators, and thinkers who are primed to make positive contributions to the world.

    Creativity is alive at all times in our school, through open ended questions, deep conceptual discussions, innovative expressions of ideas, and uncommon ways to envision and articulate what is possible. Our teachers are creative entrepreneurs in their classrooms, and they foster innovative thinking, perspective taking, and problem solving within their students. The currency of exchange at Acera is ideas. Novel thinking is received by students and staff with open minds.

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    We engage students in meaningful work, and create a climate which is open to student initiative and risk taking. When students have ideas of something they want to do, start, or try, we work hard to say yes — to encourage action. A climate and pattern of taking the perspective of others, seeing situations from a systemic perspective, and then initiating ways to address needs and make a positive difference can breed a habit for life.

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    Who Should Apply?

    We believe in a multiple intelligences approach to defining giftedness. We have created this school as an alternative for students whose needs may not be met in their current school environment. Depending upon the type of student, different assessments and criteria may apply. The goal of the admissions process is to assure that there is a match between the student’s needs and what the school offers. Achievement and/or ability testing will help you define the right path for your child’s education. Submission of these and other assessments helps us to understand each student’s needs and alignment with Acera’s mission. We require a WISC-IV or WISC-V to be included with each application. Please include other achievement tests or portfolio information you would like us to take into consideration.

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    Acera’s Summer STEAM Camp

    (June 8 – August 21)

    Acera School’s STEAM Learning day camp is a creativity-based arts and sciences day camp where children ages 7-14 can nurture their natural desire to inquire, create, and innovate.

    Innovation and Discovery. In our inquiry-based STEAM program, students design their own answers to complex challenges. We foster intensive, active, curiosity-driven learning, following the model used by researchers at leading institutions like Harvard and MIT.

    Engaging Topics, Hands-on Learning. We believe that little people can understand big ideas and can be engaged in meaningful ways, using real tools, to solve problems they care about. Our engaging, hands-on workshops offer kids a chance to understand sophisticated concepts and take on challenges relevant to real world scenarios.

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