Collaboration with scientists, researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs, artists, programmers, designers and musicians is central to learning at Acera. From our early days, connections with leading thinkers have inspired our students and teachers to create, innovate and lead.  Several of our current collaborative projects can become ready for use beyond our walls with appropriate investment, including programs to introduce computer science to kids ages 5-8 and the integration of the Amino BioLab microbiology platform.

In upcoming years, we plan to formalize our education innovation efforts in public education. Partnerships we seek towards this goal include:

  • A professional development partnership with a graduate school of education to foster new capacities in new and mid-career educators.
  • A partnership with a public-school district that includes workshops to support change-agent teachers, new practices and curricula within public schools, and the creation of public innovation schools.
  • Dedicated partnerships that enable research on topics that can inform teacher training, community workshops and symposia, school curricula, and new educational models.
  • A sponsor to fund the launch of an Education Innovation Center.

Current and Past Collaborators

Eric Alm, PhD, MIT Microbiome Lab
Angela Belcher, PhD, Genius Grant Recipient, MIT
Peter Blake, Ed.D., Boston University Social Development and Learning Lab
James Cleary, MD, Ph.D, Dana-Faber Cancer Institute
Mark J. Daly, Ph.D., Chief,  Analytic and Translational Genetics Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital
Danny Fain, Game Designer / STEM Educator
Victoria Koski-Karell (Research assistant to Dr. Paul Farmer)
Tina Grotzer, Principal Investigator, Project Zero Fifty Years
Julie Legault and Dr. Justin Pahara, Amino Biolabs
John Maloney, Lead Developer of Scratch, MIT Media Lab
Anastacia Marx de Salcedo, Author, Combat-Ready Kitchen
Callum McRae, MD, Chief, Cardiovascular Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Susanna Ogata, Handel & Hadyn Society
Richard Primack, PhD, Boston University Primack Lab (Evolutionary Biology)
Richard Sullivan, Sculptor and Illustrator
Dr. Thomas Vandervelde, Associate Professor, Tufts School of Engineering

Olin College of Engineering

Tufts CEEO
SAP Research Living Labs