We embrace compelling questions and relish unique perspectives.  We believe that giving runway for creative imagination and innovative ideas will be a key difference in our ability to develop the next generation of leaders, innovators, and thinkers who are primed to make positive contributions to the world.

Creativity is alive at all times in our school, through open ended questions, deep conceptual discussions, innovative expressions of ideas, and uncommon ways to envision and articulate what is possible.  Our teachers are creative entrepreneurs in their classrooms, and they foster innovative thinking, perspective taking, and problem solving within their students.  The currency of exchange at Acera is ideas.  Novel thinking is received by students and staff with open minds.

Creativity Morning

 One morning each week students have the opportunity to explore and create in stations led by teachers and specialists within the school. These stations include:

  • Filmmaking
  • Acera Newsroom
  • Stop Motion Animation & Puppetry
  • Free Build
  • Sewing
  • Theatre & Movement
  • Chorus
  • Percussion
  • Art
  • Craft Construction
  • Frugal Engineering