K-8 STEAM School

Register now for February Vacation STEAM Camps!

Learn how to draw and explore in Virtual Reality. Solve a design challenge in our wood shop. Create your own enchanted electronics project. Learn math by diving into sports statistics. Join our Mini-Maker School for 5-7 year olds. Try… Read More

Join Us For Assessment Day!

Saturday, December 9, 2017 On Saturday, Dec. 9, Acera will hold its first Assessment Day. This is an opportunity for parents to find out more about their child’s learning style, and gain knowledge to advocate for their child… Read More

How to Make A Prosthetic Leg

Students in Ms. Kim’s class have been working on an engineering design challenge this spring related to their theme for the year, “What Makes us Human?” In teams, they designed prosthetic legs. See their creations, and reflections on… Read More

Student Opinion: How Augmented Reality can Revolutionize Education

By: Yash A. Yash is a middle schooler at Acera, this blog post is part of his tech elective What is Augmented Reality? Augmented Reality can be used for many different purposes. One of those purposes is for education….. Read More

Can’t Stop The Feelin’!

Sometimes, all it takes is one student, one idea, and a little tenacity, and you get a whole community to come together and discover each other in new and wonderful ways. When Jackson Gamache (Ms. Nic’s class) first… Read More

Raising adolescents: Why we need to be better historians of our kid’s successes

In his 40 years helping students and their families navigate the teenage years, Rick Irving has dealt with so many aspects of adolescent behavior: the shoulder shrugs, the one-word answers, the storming out of the room, the topic-shifting… Read More

Lessons in Design Thinking

It is Tuesday afternoon, right after recess – project time in Miss Christine’s MS1 class. Huddled around tables in different corners of the room, students work in groups as small as two and as big as five children…. Read More